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F&I Training and Support

Mid-South Dealer Services partners with Allstate Dealer Services to deliver excellent training results. We provide the tools and coaching to build a compliant and customer focused F&I process.

We provide instructor lead training at locations convenient for our clients. Mid-South Dealer Services is a certified Allstate agency.


Protect Your Dealership with Our Training Program

Our team ensures that training is consistent with industry standards and is understood by your team. Our suite of training programs includes the following:


  • Level 1 Certification: 1-Day Foundation of F&I Success course
  • Level 2 Certification: Comprehensive 4-day Effective Menu Presentations course
  • MSDS Menu & Menu Selling Training: Measure success and enhance customer experience with these integrated platforms
  • On-site Training and Accountability: Develop your staff with the goal of enhancing profitability in your F&I enterprise

Dealer Income Development

F&I products can be extremely profitable given the appropriate training.  Our profit programs offer income protection and profit-sharing, key financial elements that make our programs and your dealership stand out.


Reinsurance Company Ownership

Reinsurance is a practice in which insurers transfer portions of portfolios to other parties in order to reduce their exposure to claims. Think of reinsurance as insurance for insurance companies. Our program underwrites the dealer’s business, provides enticements to close deals and has the potential to increase dealer revenue.


Reinsurance arrangements through Mid-South Dealer Services are organized by a dealer or group of dealers forming a company through an offshore jurisdiction. This qualifies the organization to accept reinsurance business from a U.S. insurer. Our goal is to help dealers create long-term revenue streams with significant economic advantages.

Dealer-Owned Warranty Company

This program can “inflation proof” your business and help it thrive in the coming years!


  • Capture 100% of the underwriting profit and investment income on virtually all your F&I products … creating significant wealth creation!
  • Lower admin costs, 25%-40% more F&I Profits!
  • Elimination of fees and taxes
  • NO ceding fees, claims fees, premium taxes, excise taxes, annual maintenance fees, loss adjustment expenses and/or claims fees, segregated cell fees, trust expenses, etc…
  • Long term Tax Deferral and Tax Advantages
  • Taxation only on investment income
  • Total Dealer Control
  • Innovative package of aggressively priced, customized F&I and front end products, as well as in-store training and Income Development, by Protective, US Warranty, and MSDS
  • Capital loans available from DOWC as net worth grows

Profit Sharing

Our Earnings Elite plan enables dealers to earn revenue in three unique ways:

  • Bonuses based on the volume of contracts and increases with volume growth.
  • Profit-sharing bonuses based on the underwriting profits from a dealership.
  • Investment income on the reserves held to pay claims.

Customer Retention and Why Buy Here

Certified Maintenance Program

Our Prepaid Maintenance Program is a professional turn-key program designed for dealers currently selling in-house programs as well as those new to prepaid maintenance. Your in-house program can have the proper tax and actuary oversight while maintaining sound reserve policies and allows dealerships to set their own pricing.


Maximum Rewards Program

Mid-South provides industry-leading loyalty and gift card solutions designed to provide benefits to dealer customers and keep dealerships competitive. Our Maximum Rewards Program Client Support Team will assist you in developing your program, customize a card design reflecting your branding, and support you throughout the duration of our relationship.

Lifetime Engine and Powertrain Programs

Proven to increase sales and differentiate your dealership from competitors are just some of the reasons why dealers love our warranty programs. Lifetime Engine Warranties are loyalty rewards that will earn your dealership a lifetime of customers.


Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Programs fully insured byProtective® Asset Protection, providing F&I solutions for the automotive industry since 1962. 


Benefits of Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Programs for customers and dealership

  • Warranties encourage customers to use your Service Departments to keep the warranty in effect
  • Service contracts convert sale clients into service clients increasing your service department’s revenue
  • Encouraging clients to service vehicles with you,
  • Rewarding loyal service customers towards purchasing a new vehicle at your dealership is a win-win
  • This program is designed to be compliant with profit-sharing & reinsurance programs
  • The Lifetime Engine Warranty program is compliant in most states
  • The cost is less than $200 for the entire life of the enrolled vehicle
  • The cost to the dealership to initiate this program, nothing
  • We provide all the necessary support, forms, and marketing materials


What is the Warranty Forever program?   

The Warranty Forever program provides the same coverage as the Lifetime Engine program, but it covers the automobile’s Powertrain.

This unparalleled program has provided millions of customers “True Peace of Mind” ownership, as well as providing dealers across the country with a market exclusive “Why Buy Here” value proposition.  Two growth factors attributed to implementing the program:


  • 15%+ growth in unit sales
  • 40%+ growth in CPRO’s
  • $200-$300 increase in PVR


Warranty Forever is a transformational program that will allow your dealership to hold HIGHER grosses.  It will also allow your dealerships to stop competing on price and start competing on value and service.  EXCLUSIVE/protected areas are still available!

Capital Advances

Capital Advances & Lending Programs

Are you looking to expand your footprint, acquire additional stores, upgrade your facilities and equipment? Are you open to a new way to grow F&I product penetrations, sales, CSI and dealership profits? Our entire focus in on growing your personal wealth and improving your tax treatment. Available profit participation structures include CFC, NCFC, and an industry best DOWC (Dealer Owned Warranty Company) and Retro/Profit Sharing. All available underwriting profits are returned to dealer! Our d-Loan advances typically run from $400-750,000 with advances beyond $1,000,000+ possible. We work with a network of “A” rated Administrators and Insurers to provide maximum advances and terms including:


Our d-Loans Dealer Capital Program is an innovative offering to capture UP-FRONT funds for any use including:

  • Working Capital
  • Inventory acquisition
  • Building Upgrades and Improvements
  • Personal needs


To qualify, dealerships should write a minimum of 100 contracts per month to qualify with products such as Vehicle Service Contracts, Limited/Certified contracts, Vehicle Protection products, GAP, Environmental, and Tire/Wheel, etc

Dealership Insurance Programs

Mid-South Dealer Services partners with Amynta Warranty division to provide to your loyal customer’s access to one of the largest and well-known Auto Dealer Insurance Agencies.

Mid-South Dealer Services.partners with PDP Group, Inc which was established in 1974 and has direct representation of over 300 dealerships in (11) states generating over $26,000,000 in annual premium.


  • Broker of eight (8) National Floor Plan Insurance programs generating over $100,000,000 in annual premium
  • Broker of thirteen (13) OEM Vehicle Insurance Programs generating over $100,000,000 in annual premium; encompassing over 270,000 units a month
  • Dealerships written with multiple Garage liability markets (VOS-Allianz, Harco, Allied World, AmTrust)
  • Dealerships written with multiple Auto Dealer Physical Damage (ADPD) markets (VOS- Allianz, All Risks – General Security Indemnity, Risk Point – Oklahoma Specialty, DealerGuard – Lexington)
  • One source for physical damage and liability insurance coverage needs
  • Unequaled marketplace knowledge and immediate recognition of marketplace changes
  • “Best in Class” service with Average 22 years.


Mid-South Dealer Services partners with Dealership insurance products to include:

Garage Liability (for both franchised and independent dealerships) Automotive, RV and Power Sport.


Open Lot Physical Damage Inventory Coverage

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)
  • Commercial Umbrellas
  • Pollution Coverage
  • Cyber and Social Insurance
  • All Types of Property and Casualty Coverage
Dealership Insurance