Mid-South Dealer Services | providing F&I products to dealers
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F&I Products

Minimize or eliminate costly expenditures for replacement parts and repairs, roadside support, and protect investments.

Service Retention

Service plans support your dealership’s service department, help keep your vehicles on the road, and promote your dealership.

Why Buy Here

Lifetime Engine Warranties are loyalty rewards that will earn your dealership a lifetime of customers.

F&I analysis

Company Analysis

We carefully examine your company’s current F&I products and related services, staff training methods, recent history of outcomes, and goals the company intends to accomplish. Our observations help tailor a strategy specifically for your company.

F&I planning


Once we understand the status and direction for your organization, we examine several solutions based on the current and most effective industry practices. We present our recommendations, find remedies that fit best, and plan the implementation.

Training & Implementation

It is common for transitions to occur while companies maintain their daily operation. Our process ensures minimal disruption while maintaining the standards of training. Our objective is a smooth transition toward implementation to reduce slowing or interruptions in service.

What we do

Mid-South Dealer Services is a client development organization. We provide dealerships with on-site training, and coaching in a wide-range of F&I products and services. We offer a complete line of dealer insurance, warranties, service contracts, reinsurance set-up and administration, pre-paid maintenance, and gap protection options, GPS inventory management, DMS and CRM software, and much more.

Why F&I resources matter

The majority of over 150 dealers who completed the F&I Magazine* survey revealed that overall gross margins in 2018 were flat from the prior year, yet sales for F&I products were up more than 10%. In fact, 35% of dealers said their 2018 gross margins were unchanged compared to 2017 figures.


This is important because a simple calculation proves that service and warranty options can save customers money. Vehicles remain on the road longer, and in better condition proving reliability in your dealership. Service departments benefit with prompt turn-around times, and consistent revenue streams.


*Source:  January 29, 2019 F&I magazine

2018 Survey of 150+ dealers

F&I Sales increased 10%0%

F&I Sales increased 5%0%

Biggest Seller: Vehicle Service Contracts0%

Biggest Seller: Maintenance Sales0%